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Keep That Grass Green by Using Your Sprinklers at the Best Time.

Skyview Landscapes - Friday, June 14, 2013

If you asked several people how often you should water your lawn you are bound to get several answers! So how do you know what is the right answer, turn to the experts.

How much water does your lawn need?

First thing, forget about watering your grass daily. It is just not necessary, and in some places due to restrictions, it's just not allowed. Most experts would agree that your grass needs about an inch of water a week from either your sprinkler,, or better yet, the rain. If you are unsure what an inch of water looks like from your sprinkler – next time you have it running, put a collection cup out and measure after the cycle is done. It should be easy to determine the time and amount of water released.

What is the most effective time of the day to water?

Watering your lawn early in the morning will provide you with the greatest results for having a green yard. The water pressure is higher and the water will be able to soak into the ground before it evaporates.

If you don't like waking up early to turn on your sprinkler, consider investing in a timer. A timer will allow for your sprinkler to run during this time, and it will let you sleep peacefully. Advanced sprinkler systems also have timers built into them.

If you don't want to invest in a timer, there is the option of watering your lawn in the evening. Although if you plan to spend your night outside, avoid planning to run your sprinklers due to puddles that can form.

What are inefficient watering tactics?

Watering your lawn during the mid-afternoon is not recommended. It isn’t efficient, and water gets wasted. This is because the mid-afternoon is much hotter than the early morning hours. Before the water even hits the ground, it is evaporating in the hot summer heat.

Walking around and watering your lawn is also an inefficient method, especially for bigger lawns. Walking and watering is only recommended for problem areas in your lawn that need some extra care.

Watering your lawn at the most effective times of the days can not only make your lawn more appealing, but it can save you money and save water. Be sure to be aware of any watering restrictions that may have been put into effect in your town.
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