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Keeping Your Yard Safe for Children

Skyview Landscapes - Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer is just around the corner, and children will be spending much of their time outside during their summer vacation. The fresh air is beneficial for children, but it’s often to keep their safety in mind. These tips can help keep your children safe in your backyard:

Create Boundaries

While you never should leave a child unattended, it’s important to discuss the boundaries of your backyard with them. Make sure they know they can’t climb fences or trees in your yard, and that they need to be in your sight at all times. If a toy ends up in a neighbors yard, they should immediately tell you or another adult, so it without risking damage to your neighbors’ landscaping. Children should also be aware of the landscaping in your backyard, as well. This way, your gardens are also protected.

Keep Landscaping Tools Out of Reach

Children have vast imaginations and are very curious. Leaving out shovels or hedge clippers in the yard could look like a toy to a child, or they could fall over them while playing. Keep tools locked up and out of reach from your kids while they aren’t in use.

Don’t Let Children Play Unattended by the Pool

The pool is a fun and entertaining activity for kids, but they need to be monitored at all times. Make sure you have a fence around your pool and a child-safe lock on the gate to prevent them from wandering into the area while unattended. Leaving your pool area open can not only put your children at risk, but it can also put animals at risk too.

Check for Insect Nests

Insects are pests and find the most inconvenient places to set up a home. It’s not uncommon for bees and wasps to set up nests around where your children play. Check swing sets, slides, tables, and other items in your yard for any hovering insects. Keep an eye out for elevated mounds of dirt where ant hills may have formed or holes from bees.

Don’t Plant Poisonous Plants

Younger children have a habit of finding things to put in their mouths. Planting flowers that could be poisonous if ingested could put your curious children at risk. Kid-friendly flowers include daisies and sunflowers. They are very appealing for your yard, and they will keep your children safe. If you are unsure about what plants are poisonous, call a landscaper.

While homeowners don’t plant poison ivy, it isn’t unusual for some to turn up in a homeowner’s yard. If your child has a rash from poison ivy, scope out the yard and have it removed.

Give us a call today if you have questions regarding landscaping this summer. We will be sure to make your property appealing and safe for the whole family!
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