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Protecting Plants From the Cold - Landscaping Tips

Skyview Landscapes - Monday, September 16, 2013

Protecting Plants From the Cold

Autumn months are full of beauty. Leaves are changing colors and the temperature is mild during the day. Although the nights are becoming much colder, and this can impact the plants around your house. Frost can damage your plants, but you can protect them from getting harmed. Here’s how:

First you need to figure out what plants need the most protection. Some plants can survive a night of frost, while others are more sensitive to these brisk conditions.

Watch the Weather

Being aware of the upcoming frost advisories will protect your plants from frost damage. Listen to your local weather station or find out the weather online. Some nights may be warmer than others, and you may not have to take any action to protect your plants certain nights.

Cover Plants

Covering plants is the most effective way to protect them from the frost. You can use a sheet or burlap sacks to throw over the plants. Other items you can use to protect your plants include: newspapers, boxes, lawn chairs, and even plastic bottles. You can shield the plants by covering them with your sheet or household item, and don’t forget to secure the sheet so it doesn’t blow away. Keep in mind, these protective covers cannot remain on your plants during the day otherwise you they can overheat in the sun.

Bring Plants Inside

This method of protection is easiest for plants that are in pots. Some plants can be dug up, but you need to be careful not to damage them while removing them from the ground. They can be stored in the garage, basement, or in your house. Research what plants can survive in these conditions since some plants may not be able to survive indoors.

Find out the individual needs of the types of plants around your home. The more knowledge you have on your plants, the likeliness of the plants lasting will increase substantially. If you have questions about protecting your plants, give us a call at 518-433-0293.
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