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5 Tips For Caring For Your Lawn in the Fall

Skyview Landscapes - Monday, August 26, 2013
fall lawn care

Fall Lawn Care, Cleanup and Maintenance

Summer is quickly coming to an end, but this doesn’t mean it’s time to stop taking care of your lawn. The cooler months of autumn are the perfect time to fix any turf issues and prep your yard for the winter and spring. Here are some crucial fall lawn care services you should be providing your yard:


Keep Mowing in the Fall

Although you may think your lawn is growing faster in the summer, it actually grows faster in the cooler months. Keep mowing your lawn regularly in order to make your yard presentable and healthy.

Fertilizing in the Fall

If you haven’t fertilized your lawn this year – don’t worry, there’s still time to fertilize your lawn. As a matter of fact, fertilizing your lawn during the cooler months is the most beneficial for your yard.

Assess Any Troubled Areas of Grass

Take some time to go around your lawn and check for bald spots or brown patches of grass. Your lawn may only need additional nutrients or there may be a bigger infestation issue that will need treatment.

Fall Soil Maintenance

Aerating your soil is a way to assist your lawn to take in more oxygen, fertilizer and water. This process involves removing small divots of dirt. This is a lawn care service that is often provided by landscapers and other lawn care professionals.

professional lane care in the fall

Keep Your Lawn Clear

As leaves begin to fall off the trees, keep them from taking over your yard. Leaving the fallen leaves on your lawn can kill the grass or assist in the growth of fungus. The leaves can be raked and removed from your lawn, or they can be chopped up with a mower. Chopping the leaves up provides the soil with nutrients as the leaves decompose.

Fall is a crucial time to be treating your lawn and prepping it for the cold winter months. If you need assistance with your lawn this fall, contact Skyview Landscapes about our various fall lawn care services at 518-433-0293.

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